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Our Events: All you need to know about CFR events

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CFR Regulatory Conference
The CFR Regulatory Conference is a national forum for regulatory professionals working in the public sector. It brings together speakers and participants from across the regulatory lifecycle and provides opportunities for expanding knowledge, sharing information, and growing regulatory networks. This event is open to public servants from the federal, provincial, and territorial governments, and academics and think tanks working and interested in modernizing regulatory systems in the country.

CFR REGTalks Series
The REGTalks Series was designed to experiment with a new format for CFR events: a recurring online series led by renowned regulatory professionals. The format facilitates a sense of community, and slowly unpacks facets of modern regulatory themes.

C&E Check-In Series
The Compliance and Enforcement Check-ins is a virtual series that explores relevant and timely content on C&E issues.

CFR Regulatory Speaker Series
The CFR Regulatory Speaker Series features presentations by regulatory experts on a variety of topics. It represents a great vehicle to showcase organizational regulatory best practices.

CFR Regulatory Excellence Awards
The CFR Regulatory Excellence Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of regulatory professionals across the federal government through the Regulatory Excellence Awards. The awards recognize best practices and achievements in several categories that cover the regulatory cycle.

Let's Talk
“Let’s Talk” are small-scale informal learning events designed to facilitate inter-departmental dialogue and exchange. They provide an ideal opportunity to network, explore innovations, and participate in constructive open dialogue.