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The Shared Services Canada (SSC) Architecture Framework Advisory Committee (AFAC) provides strategic advice and recommendations in support of SSC’s mandate and the Government of Canada’s (GC) associated objectives.


AFAC supports SSC’s mandate and the GC’s digital transformation initiatives by serving as a forum for public-private sector consultation on enterprise architecture. SSC will identify or review business approaches through a strategic lens with industry subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop or refine proposed directions for mid to long-term planning (e.g., three- to ten-year planning cycles).


Each technology briefs follows a standard template :

  • Business brief describes the business aspect of the technology by offering a high level understanding, the origin and the uses.
  • Technical brief gives an in-depth description of the technology. It focuses on the most important technical aspects of the technology without going into too much detail.
  • Industry usage offers an understanding of how the technology is currently used or thought to be used in the industry when commercially available. This section clarifies the benefits of the technology through examples.
  • Canadian Government use details how the technology is currently used or thought to be used in the context of the Federal Canadian Government when commercially available. This intent is to provide an understanding of how the technology could ultimately benefit the federal government in regards to the delivery of services to Canadians through short examples.
  • Implications for Shared Services Canada (SSC) demonstrates the clear and measurable benefits that pertains to Shared Service Canada when adopting the use of the technology. This section is comprised of these following subsections :
    • Value proposition illustrates the potential strengths and opportunities that SSC can encounter by leveraging the technology.
    • Challenges outlines the risks and difficulties associated with the technology that includes both risks of implementation such as the development of the product or the risks of solution by adopting the technology.
    • Considerations presents any recommendations SSC may have for another department of the Government of Canada that wishes to adopt and leverage the technology.

List of Technology Trends

Subject Sujet Date AFAC Presentation Présentation CCCA Discussion Summary Summaire de Discussion
Containerization Containerization 2019-04-08