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Overview[edit | edit source]

Context[edit | edit source]

  • TBS Report on the State of Aging IT (2010) affirmed that Application Portfolio Management is not consistently practiced GC-wide, thereby supporting the need for a formalized approach for the management of applications.
  • 75% reside in the back-office, many are home-grown, solve the same business needs and do not leverage enterprise opportunities
  • Efficiencies can be realized by consolidating and standardizing back-office applications in order to redirect resources towards the renewal of aging systems & towards government priorities

GC Applications Inventory[edit | edit source]

List of GC applications based on departmental reporting.

Strategy Components[edit | edit source]

APM Strat Components.png

Expected Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • Improve the maturity of application portfolio management practices across government to provide a holistic view of the GC applications landscape and related risks and investments
  • Support government-wide strategies on the renewal & ever-greening of aging applications that are both economical and ensure the continuity of services to Canadians
  • Implement multi-year investment planning for applications that is interlocked with corporate risk and investment planning to direct investments towards government priorities

APM to focus IT investments to best meet business objectives, with an acceptable level of risk and at a reasonable cost.

Guidance[edit | edit source]

APM 2018 Guidance Documents[edit | edit source]

Previous Guidance Documents[edit | edit source]

Presentations[edit | edit source]

Training and Events[edit | edit source]

The latest information about training and events is on the APM GCconnex group.

Date Session Agenda Training Materials or Minutes
2018-07-13 APM 2018 data model feedback session Event agenda Meeting Summary 2018-07-13
APM Community Meeting 0. 9:30-9:40am Introductions All

1. 9:40-10:00am GC APM Open Data Pilot Update Troy M (TBS) / Karri C (TBS)
2. 10:00-10:20am GC APM scope, terms and timelines Troy M (TBS)
3. 10:20-11:00am Community topic: APM user guide
4. Community topic: location of designated sites
Community topic: TBS risk factors and their weights used for “Technical Condition” and “Business Value” assessments
Community topic: How are other departments collecting data?
5. 11:00-11:10am Open source APM introduction Johanne JB (STAT CAN) / Gabriel C (SSC) / Nathan D (AGR)
6. 11:10-11:20am GC EARB introduction Gavin B (TBS)
7. 11:20-11:30am Roundtable All
APM 2016 Training 2:30-2:50pm - Overview of APM 2016

2:50-3:05pm - CBAS Overview
3:05-3:20pm - BCP and Service Overview
3:20-3:40pm - CFIA Presentation of the Data Asset Inventory Project
3:40-4:00pm - Discussion on scope of APM 2016 items, and general Q&A

APM 2015 Training / Formation sur la GPA de 2015 Overview of APM 2015 / Aperçu du APM 2015
La migration de l’application Windows Server 2003 (WS2K3) / Windows Server 2K3 Migration Overview of the Windows Server 2003 Retirement Program / Aperçu du programme de retraite de Windows Server 2003

Progress Reporting using APM / Rapports d'étape en utilisant GPA

10:30am - 12pm
1:30pm - 3pm
Collection des données pour la migration de l’application Windows Server 2003 (WS2K3) / Windows Server 2K3 Migration Data Collection Intro to Application Portfolio Management (APM) / Introduction à la gestion de portefeuille d'applications (GPA)

Preparing the data submission / Préparation de la soumission de données

2014 APM Orientation Session Session 1: Contingency planning

Session 2: Essential Applications Mapping

2014 APM Orientation Session Session 1: Overview
APM 2013-14 - TIME & Lessons Learned Session 1: Mission Critical Analysis

Session 2: Demo IT Planning & MAF linkages
Session 3: Lessons Learned

APM Training Orientation Session

Data Loader Tips, Application Data QA, Portlet Configuration and Exporting Data

Session 1: Introduction/Compilation of Data Loader feedback

Session 2: Performing your Quality Assurance - Tombstone Info/Ifrastructure Info
Session 3: Performing your Quality Assurance - Assessments and Final Approval
Session 4: Configuring Portlets
Session 5: Exporting Data to Excel and Reporting

Part 2: Application Portfolio Management:
- Aging IT, Data model
Session 1 - Recap -Introduction, APM Overview and Lifecycle Assessment Methodology

Session 2 - Data Model: General information
Session 3 - Data Model: Infrastructure information

Session 4 - Aging IT Assessment Methodology
Part 1: Application Portfolio Management:
- TIME & Lessons Learned
Session 1 - APM Overview
Session 2 - TIME
Session 3 - Lessons Learned

Contacts[edit | edit source]

Departmental or Agency Delegates[edit | edit source]

The people listed in the APM section of the contacts list, are responsible for coordinating the APM data entry for their departments or agencies They have editing rights to their departmental applications inventory in the Clarity system used by TBS for managing APM.
Their roles usually include

  • Coordinating the APM data entry to keep the data complete, up-to-date and accurate
  • Quality assurance of their departmental applications' inventory
  • Liaison with TBS and other central agencies such as SSC
  • Distribute, within their department, information received from TBS about the APM program
  • Manage their departmental list of TBS Clarity users
  • Keep the list of departmental contacts below current
  • Answer inquiries from other departments.

Contact the TBS APM Team[edit | edit source]

You can contact us via the GCconnex group or email the APM Support team

Useful Links[edit | edit source]

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