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About the Government of Canada (GC) Cloud Information Centre (CIC)

What is the Cloud Information Centre?[edit | edit source]

The GC Cloud Information Centre (GC-CIC) is a Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat initiative designed to:

  • Support Departments, agencies and other government organizations with cloud adoption and cloud migration.
  • Support GC employees obtain detailed but concise information related to cloud adoption.

    Mission[edit | edit source]

    The GC-CIC mission is to clarify and accelerate cloud adoption across the Government of Canada.

    Vision[edit | edit source]

    The GC-CIC vision is to be the one stop information centre for Cloud initiatives across Canada to better serve GC Departments and employees by providing them with the resources and guidance they need to implement cost-effective, secure, and robust cloud solutions for their Departments, agencies, and other government organizations.

    Goals[edit | edit source]

    The GC-CIC aims to:

    • Demystify Cloud by explaining clearly what Cloud is, and its benefits.
    • Provide assistance and guidance with easy to understand directions on cost-effective, secure cloud, and robust solutions.
    • Promote and facilitate communications among Departments through a GC-wide cloud computing best practices.