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Why This Page?

The Courts Administration Service (CAS) is on a digital transformation journey to improve access to justice as well as the quality and performance of its services; ensuring that they meet and exceed the expectations of the Courts and those who appear before them. To help in this journey, CAS is looking for great people to join our team and fill several key positions to support CAS’ digital transformation and delivery of its strategic objectives.

At the same time, it’s no secret that it is becoming more and more difficult to retain and attract top digital talent. The number of opportunities, combined with the relative ease of talent mobility across the public service, is resulting in many vacancies across departments and agencies.

That is why I think it is important, more than ever, to provide prospective candidates with more information about myself, my team, the work environment and where we're going.

Hopefully this information will give you more information to decide if working with us is the right fit for you!

More About Myself & Working With Us

After 10+ years in the private sector, including working as a producer in the video game industry (Ubisoft), I joined the public service in 2014. Ever since, I’ve been focused on bringing modern approaches to the GC to help deliver better services faster to Canadians. I published an article in 2017 on this topic, which made the cover page of the Canadian Government Executive magazine. I was appointed the Chief Information Officer of CAS in July 2022.

Before that, I worked as the Director General of the Transformation, Strategy & Results directorate at Transport Canada. Prior to joining Transport Canada in 2019, I was the Sr. Director of Digital Delivery and one of the leaders driving the NextGen HR & Pay innovative Agile Procurement Process. I hold an undergraduate degree from the Université de Sherbrooke, an Exec MBA from the Telfer School of Management and try to continuously improve as a public servant and as a leader.

With this goal in mind, I recently participated in the Governor General Canadian Leadership Conference and the Senior Managers in Government program at the Harvard Kennedy School. I’m also a suicide prevention volunteer and co-founded the Gatineau Ottawa Agile Tour as well as co-launched and sold the startup Originally from Québec city, I live in Aylmer with my wife and 2 young boys.  

You can find out more about me on Twitter and LinkedIn.  

Leadership Style

We have a great team! I believe that a high-performing organization is one that is made up of talented people where team members have each other’s back, trust each other and hold each other accountable – pretty much what’s in here.  In our team, we have a Work Hard & Play Hard mentality, which makes being part of our team fun and gratifying. That’s why we hire based on competency and potential, as well as on character, behaviors and mutual fit. For us, how you deliver results is just as important as the results you deliver.

I believe in self-empowered multi-functional teams, supported by clear decision-making. I really liked some of the concepts in Ray Dalio’s book Principles, especially the concepts of radical truth and radical transparency. When you have a culture of open sharing of information and open and respectful discussions, you get more diverse perspectives, more buy-in, and ultimately achieve better results quicker.

I also believe in a clear hierarchy of decision-making. This doesn’t mean that the most senior person is always right, but at the end of the day, they are accountable for the decision and the result - and should therefore have the decision-making authority. In many cases, the leader will and should go with the team’s (and the experts’) recommendations. It’s what Ray calls “believability” – which is not the same thing as decision-making authority. I think that this model brings a good balance of empowering teams, good and trustworthy discussions and brings it all together with clear decision-making aligned to goals and vision.

Our leaders also take great pride in empowering our teams and working closely with team members to support their career growth. One of the greatest testimonies of our success is when one of our employees gets a promotion, whether within our organization or beyond.

Work – Life Balance

I believe that outcomes are more important than outputs; and that tired and stressed employees are not productive. There is also more to life than work and that ultimately, a happy, engaged and competent workforce is one that will best serve Canadians.

I also believe that jobs in the GC are good jobs that come with an opportunity to help increase the quality of life of all Canadians – that’s pretty amazing! We must also keep in mind that our salaries are paid from the taxes we collect from citizens and businesses. This comes with the accountability to develop a high-performing workforce that ensures good governance and service to Canadians, and that embodies public service values. So yes, we have deadlines, I hold my team to account, I make sure their performance is in line with expectations and we discuss when we fall short to find ways to do better. I do this because it's my job and we owe it to Canadians.

It is in this interesting context that I try to find the right balance of Work Hard & Play Hard and yes, having the right balance – or integration – of work and life is important to me personally and professionally.

Flexible Work Arrangements

I started my career in the private sector and until joining the public service, I had always managed dispersed and asynchronous teams. I’ve grown in a culture where the results of your work are much more important than the when and the where you work. We try to hire the best in our teams. In return, we trust our teams to do what they do best. This means that they can – within applicable terms of conditions and rules – decide where and when they work, as long as it does not introduce risks and negatively impact team productivity and service levels. Given the nature of the job duties, aside from a few exceptions, most roles in my team can be filled and performed from anywhere in Canada – where there’s a good Internet connection :-)

So that was a bit about myself and my management style, now here's more information on the work environment.

Working Environment

Working for the Government of Canada (GC)

Working for the GC is rewarding and fulfilling!  See the Top 10 reasons for joining Canada’s Public Service.

Working at Courts Administration Service (CAS)

CAS is a great place to work! The organization plays a major role in Canada's democracy.

The 4 federal Courts served by CAS are superior courts of record established by Parliament for the better administration of the laws of Canada. They have jurisdiction over a wide range of matters including immigration and refugee protection, intellectual property, application of income tax and other revenue-related laws, as well as matters pertaining to aboriginal claims, environmental assessment and national security. As independent bodies, the Courts play a vital role in Canada’s democratic process and form a big part of the 3rd branch of government, the judiciary.

Here’s a high-level org chart to better understand how CAS is organized.

Working within CAS' Information and Technology Services Division (ITSD)

As the Chief Information Officer, I have the pleasure of being part of CAS' executive committee and report directly to the Deputy Head - the Chief Administrator.

In this role, I lead the Information and Technology Services Division (ITSD). ITSD is accountable for providing service, data and digital management solutions to support CAS' mandate.

Working in a small organization has lots of advantages. Things move fast and team members have an opportunity to contribute to many files and have a direct impact in supporting the Courts.

Working within the #GCDigital Community

Under the leadership of our GC CIO, Catherine Luelo, working in the #GCDigital family is pretty amazing, learn more here!

Where We're Headed

Environmental Context

As described in the report No Turning Back: CBA Task Force Report on Justice Issues Arising from COVID-19

The precipitous advent of the novel coronavirus pandemic known as COVID-19 in March 2020 brought into focus the urgency of forging an accessible, modern and user-centered justice system. The pandemic forced all justice system participants to adjust to a new environment. It fast-tracked the adoption of different measures and technologies to deliver justice remotely. It further dispelled the notion that justice (and the legal profession), was somehow nobly removed from the fourth industrial revolution. These rapid and significant changes are occurring against a challenging backdrop: public confidence in the justice system is fragilized by a belief that access to justice is beyond the grasp of most individuals, an increasing number of self-representatives, and even individuals abstaining from seeking justice altogether — with costs deemed prohibitive or disproportionate to the actual value of the sought-after outcome.

To make sure we "don't turn back", CAS is on a digital transformation journey to improve client service experiences, government operations, and improve access to justice.

In short, we're transforming ITSD and CAS to better deliver on both:

CAS' 4 Strategic Priorities

CAS' 2022-23 Departmental Plan includes four strategic priorities:

  1. DIGITAL COURTS AND VIRTUAL HEARINGS - Deliver information technology solutions that provide for the effective management of court business, offer self-service to litigants and improve access to justice.
  2. NATIONAL COURT FACILITIES AND COURTROOMS - Deliver modern, equipped, accessible and secure federal court facilities across Canada.
  3. OUR WORKFORCE - Attract, retain and develop a highly skilled, diverse and engaged workforce. Optimize our work environment and strengthen management excellence.
  4. SERVICE EXCELLENCE - Provide consistent, quality and timely client-centric services. Modernize our practices, processes and tools and integrate new business and technological solutions.

As you can see from the description above, ITSD plays a pivotal role in help CAS achieve its strategic priorities.

Canada's Digital Ambition 2022

To best deliver on CAS digital transformation, ITSD follows the guidance set forth in Canada's Digital Ambition 2022, which includes the following 4 strategic themes:

  1. Excellence in technology and operations: maximize effectiveness and value assurance of technology investments across government
  2. Data-enabled digital services and programs: drive cross-government improvement in client and employee services, data and cross-agency integration
  3. Action-ready digital strategy and policy: set strategy, policy and guidance that enables safe, secure, reliable and privacy enabled operations
  4. Structural evolution in funding, talent and culture: advocate for changes to policy and governance that prioritize and unlock the full value of digital investment


The list of key positions we are looking to fill are described below.

Please also note the disclaimers and additional information in the following section.

Should any of the opportunities capture your attention, please following the instructions in the how to apply" section.

AS-05 – Lead, Performance Measurement (BBB)

This person will lead ITSD's performance measurement function, including the following:

  • Monitor the realization of planned benefits (from projects, activities, investments…)
  • Produce and maintain various performance reports & balanced scorecards
  • Coordinate the tracking and resolution of ITSD's Management Action Plans
  • Lead and monitor ITSD's MAF activities and responses
  • Coordinate the agenda and production of materials for ITSD's Quarterly Performance Management meetings
  • Track the achievement of various corporate commitments (Risks resolution plans, DP, DRF…)
  • Act as the Liaison for ITSD and attending briefings and formal meetings with Corporate Planning and TBS to seek guidance and clarity

AS-07 – Chief of Staff & Strategic Advisor to the CIO (CBC)

This person will work closely with the ITSD management team to ensure the division is a high-performing organization. To achieve this, this individual is expected to:

  • Conduct research and strategic analysis to review material, produce executive briefings, options and recommendations for the DG and other senior executives
  • Review files and manage the directorate’s quality control and assurance processes and workflows to ensure the timely and quality completion of the directorate’s deliverables
  • Lead and coordinate the resolution of various issues and urgent requests for the division
  • Manage the personnel and the operations of the Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Develop guidelines and processes to enhance operational efficiency and communications across the DG’s office and the entire division

AS-04 – Talent Acquisition Analyst (CBC)

To support our digital transformation journey, ITSD will be staffing many positions and is looking to staff many positions in the coming months. We are therefore looking for a talent acquisition analyst to work closely with CAS' HR team and hiring managers to attract top talent into our team. To achieve this, this individual is expected to:

  • Research and identify potential candidates through social media and other channels
  • Contact potential candidates to share information on open positions and stories about our work environrment
  • Entice potential candidates to apply to our open positions and competitions
  • , to conduct a preliminary assessment of right fit and to answer any questions they may have.

IT-04 – Manager, Automation Services (CBC)

This manager will lead the delivery of solutions using automation technologies such as Robotics Process Automation and the Microsoft 365 Power platform. The manager will also support upskilling CAS employees to better leverage these modern technologies. This is a new team and there is lots of excitement regarding the value that automation technologies can provide to improve court operations. This is a great opportunity for a leader who wants to build and scale a service team and who is interested in working with clients to help optimize business processes.

IT-04 – Manager, Cloud and Workplace Tools (CBC)

The manager will lead CAS' journey to leverage modern, secure cloud-based tools for enhanced productivity, collaboration and email, and equipping the GC workforce with modern workplaces and secure devices; while aligning to best practices specific to the judicial sector, such as recommendations from the Blueprint for the Security of Court Information.

IT-04 – Enterprise Architect (English or French essential)

This person will lead our Enterprise Architecture practice and ensure that considerations from various domain architectures (business, information, application, technology and security) all come together to inform solution architecture decisions. This person will also work across the organization to ensure we prioritize the development of common solutions for similar business capabilities and that we establish application and technology standards.

IT-03 – Client Portfolio Lead (BBB)

This person will work closely with one of CAS' business lines and play a pivotal role in understanding the client business unit's priorities, needs and wants, and liaise with ITSD to ensure that the right people and teams are mobilized to deliver digital services to meet the client's needs.

EC-07/IT-04 – Manager, Service Design (CBC)

This person will lead our business analysis and service design teams to embed human centered design practices into the way we work so that we can better understand user needs and the problems we want to solve, which will ultimately lead to the delivery of better solutions.

I Want to Join your Team, but Didn't Find the Right Job

Are you interested in joining our team, but quite find a good match amongst the positions described above? No worries! We're always looking for awesome people to join our team. Then don't hesitate to reach out ( and send in your resume describing why you'd like to join our team and what mix of responsibilities help you produce your best work.

How to Apply

If you are interested by one of the above positions, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. What position you are interested in and why
  2. Why you think you would be a good fit
  3. Your latest resume, including your current classification and your language profile

Disclaimers and additional information

Staffing Process

First and foremost, this page is used to encourage at-level public servants to come work at CAS through a secondment, deployment or Interchange Canada agreements. GC Free Agents are more than welcomed!

If no at-level candidates are found, a competition may be used to staff a vacant position. Keep an eye out for open positions posted on

Although each hiring process is different, here’s a video that provides an overview of each of the steps and provides tips on navigating the application process in the GC.


To accelerate staffing, some of the opportunities listed here are being shared in advance of being formally classified. Meaning that the proposed language profiles, levels and groups - which impact rates of pay - are tentative and may change following the results of a formal classification assessment.

Rates of Pay

For those not fully familiar with the rates of pay and terms of employment in the public service, please consult the collective agreement relevant for each of the positions.