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Scoping of News announcements for COVID-19 latest announcements web page


The purpose of this scope note to assist news publishers, web publishers and departmental web advisors, if a News release or announcement should be included in the COVID-19 latest announcements finder page collection.

How the page works

The page pulls web content based on the guidance and manual tagging. Instructions for this task are located on the wiki and have gone through formal approvals.

Technically, the automated code running the page looks for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) tag in themes and topics or Additional themes and topics page properties to pull content and display it in a central location (the finder page).

The code behind the page automatically excludes Speeches and Media Advisories.

Departmental scope

Currently this page pulls content from all departments, these departments are available within filter:

  1. Department of Finance
  2. Employment and Social Development Canada
  3. Global Affairs Canada
  4. Health Canada
  5. Public Health Agency of Canada
  6. Transport of Canada

Tagged content should look like this...

Should be related to:

  • New releases and announcements directly relating to COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).
  • Government programs, service and policies directly relating to COVID-19.

Should not be included if...

  1. COVID is mentioned in a minor way. Example:
  2. if the announcement is for existing web content and the goal is marketing and promotion.

Maintaining tags

What if the scope changes?

  • Where should teams look for updates on the change in scope?
  • Who is the contact for the mailing list that assist news release and announcement publishers?

What if I have questions?

  • Post questions here, or contact your news publishing contact at Principal publisher.