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== What is GCcollaboration ? ==
In response to COVID-19, the Government of Canada is temporarily launching GCcollaboration, a suite of Microsoft 365 tools that are available:
Before you use GCcollaboration, note the following:
:* It is temporarily available and will end pending the end of following the COVID-19 pandemic
:* Due to security measures, it is very important that you do NOT use the same password as you use for your work devices or applications
:* It is NOT recommended that you download the Microsoft software on personal devices as it may nullify personal Microsoft licenses
For tips on how to use GCcollaboration and comply with Information Management policies, [[GCcollaboration/Home/Frequently_Asked_Questions|'''click here''']].
== How to install MS Teams on your devices ==
:* [ MAC]
:* [ PC]
[ Use Microsoft Authenticator with Microsoft 365]
== What does it include? How can I learn these tools? ==
| [[Image:Teams.PNG|95px75px|link=]] || || [[Image:Word.PNG|75px|link=https://supportwiki.officegccollab.comca/en-usM365/wordHome]] || ||[[Image:Excel.PNG|75px|link=https://supportwiki.officegccollab.comca/en-usM365/excelHome]] || || [[Image:PowerPoint.PNG|75px|link=https://supportwiki.officegccollab.comca/en-usM365/powerpointHome]] || || [[Image:SharePoint.PNG|75px|link=https://supportwiki.officegccollab.comca/en-usM365/sharepointHome]] || || [[Image:OneNote.PNG|75px|link=https://supportwiki.officegccollab.comca/en-usM365/onenoteHome]] || || [[Image:Outlook.PNG|75px|link=https://supportwiki.officegccollab.comca/en-usM365/outlookHome]] || || [[Image:OneDriveOneDrive1.PNGpng|75px|link=]]
{{Teams_TrainingGCcollaboration_Training_EN}}[ '''Click here to find a date and time that works for you.''']
== Getting Started ==
| [[Image:Leaders.png|90px|link=]] || || [[Image:Blank.png|30px]]|| || [[Image:Comms.PNG|95px|link=]] || ||[[Image:Blank.png|30px]]|| ||[[Image:Admins.PNG|90px|link=]] || ||[[Image:Blank.png|30px]]|| ||[[Image:HelpDesk.png|80px|link=]]
== Is My Department Collaborating Across The GC using GCcollaboration? ==
'''UPDATE:''' The content here was asked to be removed from this page and as such has been relocated to [[GCcollaboration Department Listing]]

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