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The next generation of anything always holds the promise of the lessons learned from the past being used to create a better future. This is why we are so excited to bring you NextGen Learning!

This NextGen Learning experience will replace GCcampus and provide interactive learning offerings that are central to ensuring that learning is accessible to anyone, anytime, on any device, from anywhere, and in the official language of your choice.

To enable the vision of the NextGen Learning solution, we have consulted and researched learner's needs and have launched an agile procurement process. You can head over to the Buy and Sell site and read up on the details of the procurement of our NextGen Learning platform.

On these GCpedia pages, you will find information on the project background, the latest news and the FAQ .

Do you have a question about NextGen Learning? Please, ask us!

Project Timeline

Date Milestone
November 2019 Close the Request for Proposals
December 2019 Evaluate submitted proposals 
April 2020 Award contracts for up to three prototypes 
June 2020 Conduct capabilities & usability assessments of the prototypes 
September 2020 Award final contract