Modeling with Qualiware Questions

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Ask your questions

  1. Should draft documents be modeled into Qualiware ?
    • Draft IT Pins
    • Draft policy documents
  2. How do you set relationship in Qualiware ?
    1. Visually
    2. For reporting
    3. What do the relationships actually mean ?
  1. How do you create matrices(spreadsheets) ?
    • Lets ask Denise
  2. How do you print models ?
    1. Best way to position models for paper printouts ?
  3. Can Qualiware auto generate models ?
    • Lets ask Denise
  4. For those who script, what other ways can we interact with the qualiware repository ?
  5. Is there a way to quickly reset the anchor points of relations when they get weird or when elements are moved... removing the relationship elbo's ?
  6. If I copy & paste a model pattern from the content meta model into a different view. Does the paste duplicate the model or is there still a linkage between the source and the destination copies ?
  7. After you've resized an element, is there a way to drop a new element and have it ignore the resized size of the last element ?
  8. Is there a way to change a symbol type without having to re-create it? For example, I created something that is of Motivation --> Assessment type, but now I want to change it to Motivation --> Driver type without having to repopulate all the details related to the original item.
  9. How to organize the modeling in QW...Best practices .
  10. How much element reuse should we use/do ?
  11. Can you move/drag/reposition a relationship from one element to a totally different element.