Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/September 28 2021

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  • Continuously updating links to provinces and territories, including for proof of vaccination
    • if anything changes we try to catch it, but happy for P/Ts to flag it to us too when possible
  • Mobile still 60% of visitors to vaccine content on canada.ca
    • Increased interest in vaccination for children 12 and over


  • Working on content for National Truth & Reconciliation Day



  • Continue to assist on Travel project
  • Continuing work on Design system, will provide an update at the next meeting



  • People can download proof of vaccination online
    • In a few weeks, QR code will be added and “vaccine receipts” will become “vaccine certificates”
    • Civic-tech-built website for making QR codes and adding to Apple Wallet: https://grassroots.vaccine-ontario.ca/
    • Once vaccination certificates are added, launching an app for businesses to use to scan QR codes (mid-October)
      • Will be a privacy statement because users are concerned about business owners keeping their information private
  • Proof of vaccination “portal” was done quickly, and might not be the easiest
    • Working on improving the experience, and make it as easy as possible for the public
  • Disconnect on the proof of vaccination site not using the Ontario design system (might cause confusion due to branding being different on both sites)
  • Counterfeit receipts starting to come up in Ontario
    • QR code that’s being launched is part of the digital identity program and it is not plain text (hashed), so will not be as easy to copy by counterfeiters


  • Using Vaccine passport on their English page


  • Currently called PEI Vaccine Passport but all promotion will use VaxPass

Nova Scotia


  • Proof of vaccination is a 'service' that's integrated into main Yukon.ca site:
    • Called a 'credential'
    • Yukon's messaging talks about moving to a federal proof of vaccine process if that's ever developed