Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/September 15 2020

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Needs going forward


  • School based information content; and Fall/Winter guidance gatherings
  • Reluctant to dial back to smaller numbers for gatherings; and minor league sports

Nova Scotia

  • Self isolation requirements and exceptions; moving from pdf/email form to more digital registration and check-ins with public health
  • university students returning to the province so far hasn’t increased the numbers


  • Similar to other jurisdictions, school and isolation are high on our list of content at the moment
  • Launched tracing app last week


  • Leading back up to school, and seeing a rise in numbers over the last few days - what will that mean on changing our content in the next few days
  • Small businesses reopening and who are struggling, financial support
  • Lots of interest in “Self-assessment tools”; currently one launched for the courts; and soft launched yesterday one for students going to school

Here are the links to Ontario's screening tools:


  • Bit by bit the travel restrictions are opening up; and private business are mostly reopened with public health measures


  • Schools reopening; digital campaign around school information that will start soon
  • Regular communications about COVID19 regulations, standard precautions
  • Regions using a yellow red green response system, not a phase system and is based on case numbers and contact tracing

Here's the link to the Pandemic Response System that Manitoba recently launched: https://www.manitoba.ca/covid19/restartmb/prs/index.html



  • Priorities - business reopening; travel wizard launch

Public Health

  • Shifting from travel health wizard, focusing on the COVID19 vaccine


Future agenda:

  • How are your digital comms structured - centralized/decentralized
  • Do you have multiple governmental groups involved in digital comms and who does what;
  • How do your IT and comms groups work together
  • How are sites managed - unified/integrated approach or just following "standards"
  • Look at different screeners that provinces and territories have created