Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/October 27 2020

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  • Quebec (Martin Boucher)
  • 40% have the downloaded the COVID alert - a surprising number, but very pleasantly surprised
  • New map will be released soon, broken down by municipality, so users can see more detailed information about COVID-19 alert levels for their area
  • Federal Government/NWT
  • Blog post published with NWT on the use of images for content that has yet to be translated


  • Ontario - working with Google to ensure maps contain accurate details about COVID-19 testing locations across the province(Chris Bell)
  • Context: Google relied on Clinia as their original data provider, not the government
  • Ontario gov (ontario.ca) is the source for up-to-date location details for COVID-19 testing centres, operation hours, but people were using Google to find the information, so it wasn’t always correct
  • Approach: Leverage Ontario’s Google My Business Agency Account to claim ownership of 150 covid-19 testing locations + update hours of operations
  • standardize internal management of location data
  • adopt Google’s location data standards
  • Connected with Google’s Global Partnership team to ensure Ontario remained the data source for our data (not Clinia or other sources)
  • Data for Google (that is now being updated)
  • testing location details
  • testing location hours
  • antibody testing
  • drive through
  • appointment requirement
  • prescription requirements
  • patient restrictions
  • special facility instructions
  • Next step: Best approach to give Google the information on testing within pharmacies (as the government doesn’t own them) + whether they can affect Apple’s reporting (Maps currently uses API from Yelp)

COVID information architecture challenges

  • What strategies are you using to manage and control your COVID IA?
  • Susan Harper (PHAC): Content is moving so fast, so focus on navigation and structure
  • Looking at vaccines as a model because the volume is large
  • Nova Scotia: Curious about how others are adding services like surgery, drawing blood, gov other services?
  • Christina Carrigan (NWT): All of the government services are listed in high level ways: available; not available, altered (or linked to originating source)
  • Send an email (prompt) to all of the comms staff daily to ask if there are any changes to services
  • Once a week, health authority will send an update on changes

Remembrance Day

  • Are you beginning to plan web content for this? Do you have challenges, great ideas, new pieces you have to develop?
  • Lauren (Ontario): Recently updated the site with information - will send link
  • Nova Scotia: Video of candle being passed as a notion of no in-person services, but that remembrance can still happen virtually/at home


  • Do you have maps on your sites (COVID-related or other)? Do you know if they are working well for your users? How are you handling accessibility (postal code, regions)?
  • David Cox (Ontario): not specifically COVID related, but we realized our guidance for maps has gaps, and not clear on how accessible our maps are
  • Switched to RGIS, and don’t have an accessibility solution yet but looking into it (screen reader best options, etc)
  • General interest in discussing maps further and hearing more from Quebec about the map for COVID-19 alert levels