Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/November 24 2020

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NWT- Top task survey results ( Umesh Sutendra and Lana Stewart)

  • Background: Top task survey to help identify top tasks that people are visiting on websites
  • Helps better understand what Canadians are looking for in the context of COVID-19
  • Study invitation appeared on NWT government pages (randomly generated) for a month
  • Demographics/audience had higher percentage of government employee and business owners than individuals (vs Canada.ca data)
  • 4 clear top tasks emerged: Travel restrictions, testing details, end date of covid, and government strategy
  • Travel Restrictions is the top task is because we have had a public health order on COVID-19 travel restrictions and self-isolation protocol since March 21, 2020.
  • Findings: results from NWT quite different than those for Canada.ca
  • When lockdowns were in effect across most of Canada in April, financial supports were needed to support lockdown activities.
  • NWT has very few cases due to strict travel restrictions into the territory, so we can understand why travel and testing ranked highly in their version of the study.
  • Since May, travel restrictions have risen in Canada.ca’s analytics and if we ran the study again, travel would likely rank in the top 5.
  • Based on these findings and web analytics, we are making changes to our IA
  • A full content audit is underway asking each Department to review their information
  • Aiming to have this completed before the holiday season

Links between Federal and provincial content

  • In terms of public health: Susn Harper
  • Travelling within Canada is a page that cross-links between all provinces/territories on restrictions and exemptions
  • Provincial and territorial for COVID-19 page (Susan checking if any links have changes since it’s been updated a month ago)

Roundtable :

  • Resources and content in multiple languages
  • Federal/DTO: We’ve been getting requests for more resources in different languages beyond EN and FR, but it’s a concern with the content being updated so frequently
  • Chanel Blanchard: Wondering if anyone has any more research or tips on process to post/publish in?
  • David Cox (Ontario gov’t)/Lauren Sugar: Don’t have a link yet, but did look at the census to see which languages are being spoken in Ontario, and then we try to prioritize the top 10.
  • Laurel: Unfortunately, any other language that is added isn’t scripted in EN and FR and has to be added as PDFs
  • Same for NWT and Alberta, with multiple languages being provided as PDF’s
Will add links for Ontario **