Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/November 23 2021

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Indigenous Services Canada

  • Updates made to Travelling to remote communities page
    • Added links to vaccine content for children 5-11
    • Working with Transport Canada to make the content clearer over the coming weeks


  • Updated Pfizer page with new recommendation that children 5-11 can be vaccinated
  • Vaccines for children page updated
  • Proof of vaccination remains in top 3 visited pages on Canada.ca last week

Rapid testing - Teressa Peters (PEI)

  • What are other provinces and territories doing about at-home testing for 12 and under?
  • If kids are in a close contact with a COVID case, they have to show a negative test for re-entry to school - Jamboard
    • NWT: student screening pilot where 10% of kids are randomly selected to complete a rapid test - test is sent with them then returned
    • NS: sent rapid tests home with children, to be used if they have symptoms
    • Yukon: currently drafting content around buying your own self-testing kits

GC design system usability testing results

  • Testing results of tasks tested on various design systems to see what designs helped people most in different situations
  • Analyzed:
    • navigation
    • search
    • guidance
    • installation
  • Results will be used to create a starting point for the prototype that will be designed by the GC design system product team

Notes and action items