Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/March 30 2021

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Federal updates - DTO, PCO, HC

  • PCO: N/A
  • HC: Updating vaccine pages with updates about Astrazeneca, vaccine rollout + travel pages still seeing questions about travelling between provinces - TBS can provide data for anyone if it’s helpful for approvals

Ontario design system - Sandra Gornall

  • In the older version of the ON design system, components were difficult to scale, lacked clear guidelines and were platform specific
  • Reviewed value of design system, including efficiency, cost-savings, high quality tested components, and helping teams feel confident that their sites/systems are in line with government standards
  • Current iteration:
  • started in late 2018, completed in early 2021
  • using Fractal - open source software (U.S. design system, city of Boston)
  • segment for developers - includes code in a distribution package they can download and use
  • segment for designers - includes fonts and a prototyping kit so the can develop usable prototypes to test
  • components are tagged to indicate their status - in testing, ready, etc. so that components that aren’t complete can still be released and the community can participate in testing and improving
  • backlog is tracked in a spreadsheet
  • Everything follows an iterative process (research, testing, design, content, development, launch)
  • Testing is done on components to make sure they work and on the presentation of the design system to make sure it works for the people using it
  • Regular zoom feedback meetings to see how people are using patterns
  • Looking to establish a contribution process, and plan to share publicly when the model is final
  • Current resources are not really enough, working to find ways to expand the team (3 designers - but only 1 full time, 1 content specialist, 3 part time developers, 1 product manager)

Cross-linkages- updates to Provincial/Territorial pages

HC: looking for vaccination registration cross-links (please send to mailto:edward.chatfield@canada.ca)

Vaccine feedback update

  • Trends in March: getting vaccinated remains biggest task
  • Last week, 80% of the feedback was about how and when to register + vaccine safety, and reassurance on side effects
  • Common questions for getting vaccinated: how to book, consent form, book second shot, eligibility, what if appointments are full - all questions on how to get the vaccination for those currently eligible
  • Other questions around safety of the vaccines, and the side effects

Discussion items:

  1. Guidance for vaccinated people/prototype
    • We have a prototype for vaccinated travellers
    • this will serve as a placeholder that will evolve as policy evolves
    • Included the reasoning for vaccinated travellers still needing to quarantine, etc. as people seem to have trouble understanding that there aren’t currently exemptions for vaccinated people
    • Once page is approved and live, P/Ts can cross-link to it
    • Lauren (Ontario): no plans to say anything about interprovincial travel yet
    • Claire (Nova Scotia): Atlantic bubble - unsure how it will look in the coming weeks
  2. Proof of vaccination
    • Teresa (PEI): can get their own proof soon, but unsure it can be used for travel (so few have been vaccinated in PEI)
    • DTO seeing in the feedback that once folks are vaccinated, they’re looking for how to get proof of vaccination and how to proceed post-vaccination with regards to regular life, restrictions, travel, etc.

Notes and action items