Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/February 16 2021

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General updates

Update on travel content

  • Within the main travel landing page, new section “Planning entry to Canada”
  • Travel section has moved up on the coronavirus landing page
  • Driving and flying checklist pages launched recently to make rules clearer for entry

Google snippets update & discussion (Teressa Peters, PEI)

  • PEI in conversation with Google regarding recovered (and receiving information from the outbreak update page)
  • Currently resolved is blank, and wants to get that issue resolved soon with Google (not just for PEI, but all of Canada)
  • PEI has one page on cases and recovered, Teressa unsure if being submitted or directly from site
  • Ed (Health) explained that numbers are usually submitted from the provinces and suggested sending him directly if there are issues

Follow up conversation on user feedback

  • Reviewed recent Airtable (and how tagging works within the comments for the algorithm) to look at what can be improved within tasks
  • Challenges:
  • Feedback accumulates quickly
  • Realized there are many tagging models as people working on it, choosing a right tracking strategy is crucial for success for the algorithm
  • Making sure that contact information is consistently blocked personal data
  • On ArriveCan, found that people still wanted to use contact (even with stronger wording) - working on a version that will provide a link to contact information
  • Realized this is a useful tool in finding issues as pages are launched and edited
  • Vision is to replace report a problem button with the feedback tool
  • Currently Report a problem is mandatory but want to make the feedback tool only when willing/ready to use that content (otherwise it’s useless as the data needs to be looked at consistently)

Notes and action items