Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/April 27 2021

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Federal updates

  • Suspension of flights India/Pakistan (alert/new page
  • Effective April 23rd: Day 10 test become Day 8 test
  • Moved BC and Ontario in the ‘restrictions zone’ in the Provincial and territorial restrictions page
  • Feedback widget tends to collect negative feedback, but very useful for discovering areas for improvement
  • seeing some comments where users are asking for clarity, can’t find the right page/information on inter-provincial travel
  • Prototype of quarantine assessment tool: [1]

Supporting traveller compliance during the COVID-19 pandemic - checklists

  • As the requirements increased, the compliance decreased
  • Prior rules for driving and flying were different, and it was a complex sequence - checklists help users understand the sequence of steps
  • Have made the new checkboxes brighter/larger (especially because most are on phones)
  • Most used were the before you travel (planning) page, and checkboxes were used more here as well
  • Checklists should be for long processes with an established sequence (a wizard is better for situations where the sequence depends on choices and requires built-in logic)

Discussion items:

  1. Social listening tools - Are you using them to make adjustments?
    • Mary-Beth (Federal - PCO) gets some reports from MountWater, seen people interested but haven’t procured a tool yet
    • Richard (Manitoba) they also use MountWater pilot project, to replace manual media rollup
    • Samira (Federal - Health) also use MountWater for travel, and listening for hotel booking - weekly report
    • Martin (Quebec) using AgoraPlus for managing social media, not as much listening and aiming to do more social listening in real time to improve content iteratively and continuously
  2. Proof of vaccination - are you creating content on this topic?
    • Lisa (DTO) we’re having discussions on how to collect the information for international travellers (would include Canadians); designed a sequence of questions on vaccination status
    • Broad questions to capture various issues of dosages, different locations for the doses, types etc
    • Rules for vaccinated travellers continue to be to follow public health measures, but they will most likely change in the future
  3. Vaccine booking - lessons learned/advice?
    • Allen (NS): lot if interest to get answers out in as many ways as possible, and they are trying to keep information central in the vaccine booking system and it seems to be working as the information changes quickly/continuously

Notes and action items