Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/April 13 2021

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BC’s Chatbot

  • Bold COVID-19 in intro text to emphasize types of info available
  • Tell people not to enter personal info and that conversations are not monitores - still get some people not understanding
  • Partnership with BC CBC - share a mega agent - the agent pulls from both sources to provide answers, and cites the source of whichever answer it chooses
  • Used Google dialogue flow
  • Knowledge bases
  • Intents - using about 200 intents
  • Supports other languages
  • Non-conversational for now - simple question/simple answer, it doesn’t remember
  • Challenge - when answer is too long it defaults to the bottom so they put key messages at the end of the answer instead of the beginning
  • Requires daily monitoring and training of the AI - 1-2 hours every day
  • Team of 4 (not enough) compared to web team for COVID is 2-3 resources
  • Use low confidence scores to help prioritize edits
  • Effect on call centre is hard to evaluate as call centre numbers didn’t really change, but maybe the chatbot helped avoid a spike?
  • Chatbot is useful as a navigation aid, would love to integrate with a live agent chat eventually
  • Lesson learned: it doesn’t reduce effort - it’s a NEW SERVICE CHANNEL and you have to manage it accordingly
  • Quebec has seen that people use their chatbot as an intelligent search engine

Vaccine feedback

  • What to expect content for at the appointment and after vaccination
  • Sitting at about 68% mobile
  • Top google searches = each of the vaccines
  • Vaccine hesitancy working group meeting weekly
  • A lot of traffic to ON vaccine page - reflects high population of ON
  • Quebec page on hesitancy used to be primarily desktop traffic, now moving more to mobile as younger people become eligible
  • Also have seen interesting difference in people expressing hesitancy re vaccine vs so many people lining for appointment-free vaccination clinics

Travel update, feedback

  • Shared updates to the provincial territorial travel page
  • Workshopping Vaccinated traveller page

Notes and action items