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Learning resources: Consistent with its commitment to open-by-default, Experimentation Works was always designed to provide learning resources to the participants that make up each cohort as well as a much broader audience of public servants or interested individuals either in Canada or beyond. Keep scrolling to access our learning materials!

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EW2 Learning Resources (2020-2021)

Title / Date (Click to open presentation) Description Presenter(s) Additional Links
Policy Experimentation at the Innovation Growth Lab

March 2020

An overview of experimentation work led by Nesta’s Innovation Growth Lab and advice on how to support policy experimentation. Marieke Goettsch (Former Senior Policy Manager for the Innovation Growth Lab - IGL)

Teo Firpo (Senior Researcher, IGL)

Evidence Synthesis

March 2020

An overview of the work of Canadian Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation plus a look at evidence synthesis, case studies and best practices. Dr. Trina Rytwinski (Research Associate, Canadian Centre for Evidence-based Conservation - CEBC,  Carleton University)
Foundations for a Behavioural Intervention Project

June 2020

Actionable tips on how to work through the initial phases of a behavioural intervention project. Christine Kormos (Senior Behavioural Scientist; BC Behavioral Insights Group)
You Have Figured Out Your Intervention and Outcomes – What’s Next?

July 2020

A critical look at different approaches to experimentation - from Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) to quasi-experimental designs. Guillaume Beaulac (Special Advisor, Behavioural Science, Global Affairs Canada)
Integrating GBA+ in Research

September 2020

An introduction to Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) and intersectionality and a discussion of how GBA+ can be integrated throughout the research process. Sara Rubenfeld (Defense Scientist, Department of National Defence) & Greg White (Free Agent posted to Employment and Social Development Canada)
Ethics in Experimental Research: Carleton University Presentation, ESDC Innovation Lab Presentation

October 2020

A look at the history of ethical (and unethical) research as well as current issues, practices, and project-specific examples and tools. Gordon DuVal (Carleton University, Director Office of Ethics; Chair of National Research Council Research Ethics Board)

Harmanpreet (Preet) Chauhan (Research Advisor, Employment and Social Development Canada)

New Leaf Project

November 2020

In spring 2018, Foundations for Social Change launched a Vancouver pilot project to rigorously evaluate the impact of their approach to direct cash transfers to recently homeless individuals. This presentation tells the story of this project and shows how an RCT design allowed for the comparison of this approach vs. business as usual. Dr. Jiaying Zhao (Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at University of British Columbia and Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Sustainability).
Importance of Integrating Qualitative/Quantitative Research Teams

December 2020

Three guest speakers from ISED’s Center of Expertise on Experimentation draw on their deep experience with multidisciplinary teams to explain barriers, challenges and opportunities for integrating qualitative and quantitative research teams. Ashley Belanger (Manager, Design & UX/UI Research team, ISED)

Hasti Rahbar (Manager, Experimentation team, ISED)

Urvashi Dhawan-Biswal (Senior Director, ISED)

  • This was a discussion format; no presentation materials are available.
Introduction to open and reproducible workflows in the public service

February 2021

The goal of this workshop is to teach new-to-programming EW2 professionals open and reproducible workflows by introducing tools like R or Github. R is a popular statistical computing language, commonly used in many scientific disciplines for statistical analysis, generating production-quality graphics, and automating data workflow tasks. The workshop contents will introduce tools and best practices, giving attendees a foundation in the fundamentals of reproducible workflows. Noushin Nabavi (BC Ministry of Health) and Monica Granados (ECCC)
Interpreting evidence and informing decisions

March 2021

As the cohort is soon reaching it’s expected end point, this session will cover key end-of-project questions: how should I interpret my findings? What should I be looking for to make sense of the results? Are there any limitations to my findings? How should I present these to stakeholders and decision-makers? The session will provide some guidance on key evidence critical appraisal notions and will suggest tools to perform this assessment with your own projects. The workshop will include interactive exercises and a discussion where you will be able to share your experience and raise specific questions related to your project. Pierre-Olivier Bédard (TBS Experimentation Team)

EW2 Final Event - Executive Showcase (April 8, 2021)

Agenda Title, Description, and Presentation Materials Presenter(s)
TBS Welcome & Overview of EW2 Pascale Elvas (Executive Director) and Nicholas Chesterley (Director) - Strategic Policy, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS)

Behind the Scenes: A Closer Look at Three of our Projects

ESDC: Exploratory Research for the Youth Employment & Skills Strategy Program

ECCC: Advancing Multi-species Conservation in the Boreal Forest

TBS-OCHRO: The Self-Identification Modernization Project

Kathryn Arbour - Program Operations Branch, Service Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Becky Stewart - Migratory Bird Conservation Unit, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)

Haris Khan - Behavioural Insights and Policy, Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer (OCHRO), TBS

Moderated by Sarah Chan and Pierre-Olivier Bedard (TBS)

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION by the B.C. Behavioural Insights Group

This presentation will focus on the impact of experimentation in a government context & in informing a response to Covid-19

Vincent Hopkins (Senior Behavioural Scientist) & Mikayla Ford (Methods Specialist) - B.C. Behavioural Insights Group (BC BIG)