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DIS - Projects
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The following is a snapshot of some of the projects we're working on. See Our Team and or Contact Us.
Project Product Owner Lead Developer GitHib Repository
Busrides Mandy Hoyt Jordan Morrison Coming Soon!
CORTEX Sinan Baltacioglu Nghia Doan DIS-SIN/CORTEX
Data Explorer Sam Louden Sam Louden DIS-SIN/CSPS-Data-Explorer
DOL Steph Percival Jordan Morrison DIS-SIN/DOL-MVP
EVALHALLA Sinan Baltacioglu Sinan Baltacioglu DIS-SIN/Evalhalla
GraphDB Lecture Series Sinan Baltacioglu Nghia Doan DIS-SIN/neo4j-training-sessions
Registhor + Cognos-Scraper Sam Louden Sam Louden DIS-SIN/Registhor
Survista Omar Nasr Omar Nasr DIS-SIN/Survista
Ultrapren John Prentice Sam Louden DIS-SIN/Ultrapren