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Shape Your Learning Questionnaire

The CSPS Digital Academy is committed to creating learning products and experiences that meet the needs of public servants and their organizations, and help them acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to be successful in a modern age.

In order to plan our future learning products, we’ve created an online questionnaire that will help us gain insights into public servants’ knowledge and skills levels in areas related to digital, as well as into learning habits, preferences and interests.

We are currently reviewing and doing the analysis of the survey results. The results will help us better understand the digital literacy level of various organizations, identify specific learning needs, and make important decisions on how we can best support public servants. We strongly believe that the results and insights gained from this questionnaire will benefit not only the CSPS Digital Academy, but your teams as well. With this in mind, we will be happy to share the results of the research with you once available, so that you can use them to inform your own strategic planning.

Should you have any questions, please contact csps.digitalacademy-academiedunumerique.efpc@canada.ca