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Blueprint 2020 / Objectif 2020 GCconnex group cover photo

The Blueprint 2020 exercise was launched to engage public servants on a vision for a world-class Public Service. Since June 2013, thousands of public servants have shared their views on what it takes to ensure public service excellence. This input is redefining how public servants work and is making engagement part of our shared culture. Managers and leaders are actively listening to input from all levels and employees’ ideas for improvement are having an impact through immediate actions, and are feeding plans for medium and longer-term initiatives.

However, the initiative's work is not done. Building the Public Service of the future is a process that requires commitment, time, and continued focus from all involved. Government of Canada employees are all personally accountable for bringing about real change and realizing ambitious goals.

Thanks to an open and networked approach to modern technology and social media tools, the type, scope, and frequency of Public Service engagement is changing dramatically. Public servants are able to connect directly with each other, seek advice broadly, build communities of interest, and hold inclusive grassroots dialogue about a shared vision of the future.[1]

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